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Creative Visualization Coach​

  Inspiration and Guidance to  Ignite your personal power, Create the life you desire, Become who you were meant to be in the world and live a purposeful life!

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Vision Board Workshops

Claim Your Flame offers Vision Board Workshops locally in Northeast Ohio area. If you aren't from the area,  we also offer online courses and vision board kits that can be shipped directly to you! (Feature coming soon, contact us for more details)

Claim Your Flame workshops include all supplies and will include the below:
  • Guided Meditation to remove negative or limited thinking.
  • Journaling Exercise to discover what you really want to become, do and have in your life that is in line with your true life purpose.
  • Create a Vision Board or mini vision board magnets based on your desires and goals.
  • Writing Affirmations to support your Vision.

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​​​Check out the photos and testimonials from our clients!


"Now that I have finished my vision board, I have it hanging in my bedroom so that when I wake up, I see my dream. Alicia did such a great job guiding me to create the vision I wanted. It was like she could read my mind. Being able to look at your dream in pictures and words is empowering and motivating. It gives you a sense of pride within yourself and the nudge to move forward. All the barriers you put in front of yourself start seeming ridiculous and not barriers at all. The workshop transformed the way I look at the world and gave me the confidence I needed to keep chasing my dreams." 

Lisa Franklin-Assistant Director, Programs & Research Development
Cleveland State University

"Alicia's Vision Board Workshop is an effective way for adults to get an understanding of their inner workings and potentially resolve unknown issues about whatever topic the creator of the board has in mind. For me, I was focused on my business and was surprised at the results of the board which has had me reflecting on my true goals. This is a great alternative for a corporate team building exercise."

Dr Karen Gurney- CEO of Career IQ

"Alicia's Vision Board workshop renewed a desire to have vision boards as a tool for acheiving my life goals. She helped me see that my vision board should focus on how I want to feel, not just on things that I want. Her meditative creative process as well as her instructions for additional work after the board was created has had a tremendous effect in my everyday life. Intentions are a powerful tool and a few days after the workshop, I began to experience the desired results I had envisioned and placed on my board."

Alexis Jones- Product Support Specialist-
Steamlink Software

     Inspirational Vision Board Magnets
(Each magnet has a special message on the back to match the vision.)

I enjoy the motivational magnets because they encourage me and they are nice to look at. These magnets are great because I work in the perfect setting for them. I work in an office setting where I have a lot of space to place a magnet. Sometimes you are behind the computer all day and feel less motivated because of certain circumstances and need a little encouragement whether it comes from a person or a piece of laminated paper. I think that the magnets offer a nice decorative way to spread motivation around the office. I am definitely an advocate for these magnets. -

Samantha Elrabadi- Product Trainer-Streamlink Software

“If you have the tendency to procrastinate on things, having visual ques to help you stay on track and focused is vital.  I started off having Alicia’s magnets on my fridge, and every morning before breakfast I would smile and get that boost of energy I needed to keep moving forward.”

 Lisa Franklin- Assistant Director Programs & Research-Cleveland State University

Pricing for workshops will vary depending on travel, and number of guests  confirmed for any particular date, time and location.

Submit your request through our Contact Alicia page and we will respond within 24 hours.

*The average workshop is 4 hours and there will be priced per person. Ranging from$30-$75.00 per person,  again, depending on location and travel*

*These are averages, for quote inquiries, Contact Us.