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  Inspiration and Guidance to  Ignite your personal power, Create the life you desire, Become who you were meant to be in the world and live a purposeful life!

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About Alicia


Great to meet you, my name is Alicia Domico, Creative Visualization Coach, and founder of Claim Your Flame. 

A little bit about me. I became a Creative Visualization Coach after going through some major soul searching in my life over the last 5 years. I embarked on a journey  that made me realize who I really was before the world told me who I was. Sounds pretty simple, right? (Sarcasm!)

Let me explain.

You see, I was a single mother at the age of 19 and was told at an early age that my life would be filled with financial struggle and all sorts of hardships my entire life. One major problem I had against me is that I believed what I was told by those around me and society in general, and that became my life for many years.

I was completely exhausted physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spiritually from carrying the weight on my shoulders of that labelled box all those years.

As a child and teenager, I always felt like there was more to life. I always had big dreams but because of my belief systems, I never could see or envision what I could do to change my circumstances. Finally one night after a very rough workday,  I decided that things had to change and that I couldn't possibly live like that the rest of my life. At that moment, I surrendered and asked my higher power, God, The Universe, to calm me and show me a different way.

I have heard people say that we each have about 5 defining moments in our lives, the story I tell next was definitely 1 of them for me.

As I sat there on my couch waiting for some answer to appear, I grabbed  a magazine and started flipping through it to pass time and to relax. So many words and images stuck out to me. So much so, I started cutting them out. I thought, I should make some art work or something!

I was so in tune with the the words and images that I found and was completely surrendered. That turned into my first of many Vision Boards.

I knew in that moment, I found myself and my creativity. I knew what I was seeking as it poured out onto that poster board!  That Vision Board helped me surrender old belief systems. I started to live my best life each day and used that very first vision board to help me along the way. Amazing things started to manifest for me. I had found a way to tap into my own personal power and 3 years later here I am!

As you can imagine there are so many stories to tell within these last 3 years and I could write a book, and I believe that I will. In the meantime, understand that I have always been a single mom and have worked a 9-5 all those years. I am excited to say that I now work full time for myself. My passion and purpose are so alive. I am inspired to help others do the same.

It wasn't always that way and most times I sit back in gratitude for all that I have and all that is coming to me now. I want each of you to know that anything is possible for you too! I will show you!

To the right are pictures of my very first Vision Board and two that I made just a little over a year ago that shows the manifestation of Claim Your Flame. I am in complete gratitude for now having the opportunity to help others find within them what has always existed within all of us.

My intention is to help you ignite your personal power, create the life you desire, become who you were meant to be in this world, and live a purposeful life!

Are you ready?

In gratitude for all there is and all that is on it's way,

Alicia Domico

Founder Claim Your Flame

Creative Visualization Coach

Claim Your Flame

Ignite it. Create it. Be It.

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